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"Sententia. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences" 2, 2013


Nota Bene Publishing and Aurora Group s.r.o. present issue 2'2013 of the "SENTENTIA. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences"

R. M. Aleynik - Apology Tolerance in the Contemporary Philosophy of Human - Read the article
E.V. Sychenko - The History of Forced Labour in Soviet Russia - Read the article
V.V. Kochetkov - Philosophy of the Russian Constitution: Russian Values and Democracy - Read the article
A.S. Razin - Ethno-confessional relations in modern Russia: formation and epistemological status - Read the article
A.A. Borisenkov - New Research Paradigm in Political Science - Read the article
V.G. Bondarev, R.A. Sapharov - The Matter of Legislative Definition of Political Activities in the Russian Federation - Read the article
D.V. Danilenko - The Policy and Structure of an Exclusively Renewable Energy Market - Read the article
A.A. Bazhenov, V.G. Chernyatjeva - Modern Methods of Estimation of Business Evaluation - Read the article
K.M. Musaeva - About Increase of Efficiency of Tax Planning: the Theorist Methodological and Practical Aspects - Read the article
W. Teymouri, B. Biglari - Tourism: an Appropriate Model to Educate World Citizenship - Read the article
I.K. Asadullaev - Totem the Donkey. A hypothesis About Unification of Aryan Clans and Tribes is Confirmed? - Read the article