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About us
AURORA GROUP s.r.o. is a software developer, and specializes in publishing and information technologies.

Using their original high-tech computer platforms, it provides services in the area of systematization, processing, storing and security of databases.

Founded by a father and son:
Dr. Vasily Danilenko – CEO AURORA Group s.r.o., Ph.D. in Political Sciences.
Dr. Denis Danilenko – President AURORA Group s.r.o., Doctor of Law (France).

AURORA GROUP s.r.o. was established in 2009 in Bratislava, Slovakia. It began operation as a publisher for books and quarterly journal for the Russian community in Slovakia titled “Spolu” (Together). Since then, Aurora Group added two English-language quarterly scientific journals: “Philharmonica. International Music Journal”, and “Sententia. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences”, and in early 2017 aquired the rights to publish all 62 journals of a Russian publisher Nota Bene (NB-Media Ltd.). The printed journals have been switched to the online format, and the publisher has now gone completely digital. Some of the journals and articles are published in an open access format. All articles receive an international DOI number, and 34 journals are indexed by the ERICH Plus. Since 2014 the Publisher employs the largest in Europe and across the post-Soviet space Institute of Scientific Peer Reviewing, which conducts double-blind peer reviews. Thanks to this rigorous process, only 26% of submitted articles were accepted for publishing.