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The Institution staff, acting on voluntary basis, uptakes the following obligations:

  1. To follow the principle of facilitating the development of science.
  2. To provide unbiased evaluation of the work provided for reviewing.
  3. To evaluate his competence objectively, when reviewing a scientific work.
  4. To make decisions on recommending an article for publication or on refusal to publish the article based solely on scientific value of the research, its importance for the scientific progress, and its quality.
  5. To evaluate scientific articles based on their intellectual contents with no regard as to race, sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, citizenship or political views of an a author.
  6. Not to make decisions based on personal preferences.
  7. Not to disclose to third party any information on the articles which came for review.
  8. Not to harm the authors, the publisher and scientific community by his acts or failure to act.
  9. To provide assistance to the publisher in cases when a scientific work contains elements of unsanctioned borrowing (plagiarism).
  10. To inform the publisher on mistakes found in works provided for reviewing, pseudo-scientific or anti-scientific conclusions of an author, on the contents of materials being classified information (official secret).
  11. Not to use the work provided for reviewing or any part of it in his works and not to provide it to third parties.
  12. To avoid commercial relations with the author of the reviewed articles or potential authors.