'Factorization of the 8x8 HEVC Video Coding Inverse Discrete Transform Matrix and the Fast Algorithm Thereupon' Software systems and computational methods nbpublish.com
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Arzumanyan R.V., Sukhinov A.I. Factorization of the 8x8 HEVC Video Coding Inverse Discrete Transform Matrix and the Fast Algorithm Thereupon

Published in journal "Software systems and computational methods", 2016-3 in rubric "Computer graphics, image processing and pattern recognition", pages 287-298.

Resume: The subject of the present research is the development of the algorithm for the fast inverse discrete transform of the 8x8 ITU-T H265 (HEVC) video coding standard. The authors of the article analyze differences between the structures of the inverse transform matrix and inverse discrete cosine transform matrix as well as approaches that may be applied to factorization of the aforesaid matrix. They also provide an evaluation of a number of operations necessary to perform the transfer. The authors conduct a numerical experiment to prove the efficiency of the developed algorithm from the point of view of the speed of performance on the central processing unit (CPU). The research method used by the authors is the theoretical analysis and numerical experiment including collection of relevant information and analysis of results. To conduct the numerical experiment the authors have written a C-language program that executes a standard algorithm of the inverse transfer (direct multiplication of the transform matrix and coefficient vectors) and the fast algorithm of the inverse transfer as it is described in the theoretical part of the research. Then the authors have compared the productivity results. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the authors offer a new algorithm for the fast transfer of the 8x8 HEVC standard and the scheme of inverse matrix factorization. Compared to previous researches and algorithm, the given algorithm requires fewer arithmetic operations, thus takes less time. At the end of their research article the authors make conclusions regarding the possibility of the fast inverse transfer of the HEVC standard, offer their own scheme for the aforesaid 8x8 matrix factorization and develop the fast algorithm for the inverse transfer based on the discovered factorization schemes.

Keywords: algorithm analysis, lossy compression, codec, video compression, inverse discrete transform, matrix factorization, fast algorithm, HEVC, software codec, hardware codec

DOI: 10.7256/2305-6061.2016.3.19558

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